Author Guidelines



*Expands emotional awareness *Carries positive emotional/social messages *Supports a healthy self esteem *Is playful, adventurous, and inviting to a child *Expands the minds and hearts of children *Is at a level that the child can relate *Is engaging, inviting and funny *Is aimed at children ages 2 to 8 years.

Indicate the package you would like:
(a) Voice Only Narration (b) The Sparkler Princess Narrating Your Book (c) Our Feathered Friend, Bluey Narrating Your Book

Send inquiries to Include your name, address, e-mail and phone number in the body of the e-mail. Include a brief synopsis of your book, genre and what age it is intended for, publication date and the venue of publication. Be sure to include rights/permissions information if applicable.

If we are interested in your book, we will invite you to send a physical copy or digital representation (PDF) of your book for our review. If we feel that your book fits our publishing vision, we will inform you as soon as possible. We regret to say that physical books cannot be returned.

After a positive review and acceptance, we will invite you to have a phone consultation. We will cover specific questions you may have concerning our contract, choice of video package, fees, production time, your commitment and our commitment to producing your high quality book video.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations for meeting our production criteria at Heart Centered Productions! Now the FUN begins!  We want to keep you informed so we have provided this brief step by step outline, from your submission to finished video product!

STEP 1: REVIEW & SIGN CONTRACT Heart-Centered Productions will present you with a legal contract to review and sign. We encourage you to review the contract carefully and submit any questions to our company.

STEP 2: BOOK SUBMISSION Once the contract has been signed, we will ask that you submit your book preferably through high resolution digital format to

STEP 3: CREATING YOUR VIDEO BOOK Once your book has been received, we can look further into the package you chose for video production. This will be a step by step process, discussing the over all look and feel of your finished product. Once the script and logistics are finalized your book will go into production in the studio for filming.

STEP 4: DIGITAL PRODUCTION TIME Final digital production from start to finish will be based on individual book projects, where your book is in the queue, and the work load of Heart-Centered Productions. After review of the project we will give you an estimated time of completion.

STEP 5: YOUR VIDEO REVIEW PROCESS The review is a two part process: 1.The first video draft will be sent for your review to address such things as general layout, typography, timing and over all look and feel of your product. 2. If necessary, adjustments will be made and a second review process will be offered. After approval of the second review process, your book video should be ready to go!

STEP 6: READY! SET! LAUNCH! Lastly we will get your signed approval of the completed project. Your book video is ready to go, whether you launch it on your own platform or have Heart Centered Productions launch it on You Tube, The Sparkler Princess Web-site,  Amazon and/or other media platforms. The possibilities are endless!